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Linpowave is committed to the research and development, production, sales and related information services of millimetre wave radar, and has formed a matrix of five products: U, V, R, I and H.
U Series

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Radar
For UAV obstacle avoidance and ground defence flights
U200, U100, U80 and U20
V Series

Vehicle Radar
VF Series: Forward Obstacle Avoidance Radar for Vehicles
VF200 and VF160
VJ Series: Automotive Corner Radar
VJ80 & VJ40
R Series

Robot Obstacle Avoidance Radar
Provides the robot with parametric indicators of its surroundings via sensors
I Series

Intelligent Traffic Radar
For road condition detection and road traffic monitoring
I260 and I500
H Series
Indoor People Detection Radar H10
Founded in June 2015, Linpowave Information Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech startup company specialising in millimetre wave radar research and development. Our company focuses on millimetre wave radar detection systems for automobiles, drones, robots and security.
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Address:Kexingxilu 106#Yuan, 2#Lou,Changping District, Beijing, P.R.China
Tel:+86-10-5711 2706
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