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Application Scenario
Millimeter wave radar is widely used in smart lighting, smart robots, smart transportation, drones, advanced driver assistance, and many other fields
Robot Obstacle Avoidance Radar
Accurate data detection and high sensitivity
Small size, low power consumption, long life
Detect the distance and angle of the surrounding obstacles
Distance accuracy up to 0.05 metres, angle accuracy up to 1 degree
Can be used for robot path planning and 3D modelling
Provide high precision detection data
Higher cost performance
Lighting system is more intelligent
The street light can be completely extinguished without target;
When the target appears, according to the distance and speed of targets,
the nearby street lamps will be lit for real time intelligent control
High detection accuracy and strong
anti-interference ability
Convenient system management and low labour consumption
Traffic Monitoring Radar
Road condition detection radar
Long detection distance, simultaneous monitoring of multiple lanes
Good environmental adaptability, strong millimetre wave penetration ability
Ranging accuracy is not affected by weather factors (rain, snow, fog),  and others environmental effects (noise, pollution)
All-weather operation
Core Sensors for Automotive Assisted Driving Systems Automotive millimetre wave radar is mainly used in Automotive Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Emergency braking (AEB) and blind spot monitoring (BSD) Distance sensing Relative speed and orientation information Ensure driving safety
Millimetre wave radar system installed within the perimeter
Intelligent detection of the surrounding environment to detect intruders immediately send an alarm
Precise detection, large detection area can detect the intruder's position, speed, etc. to accurately determine the intruder's position and track the target.
Strong anti-interference ability, can work in all-weather conditions.
Visual doorbell and access control
Tracking the direction of movement to avoid false alarms Intelligent switch, intelligent central control application Improve product design No need to open holes to reduce false alarms Intelligent air-conditioning, intelligent toilet application
Accurate human body sensing, not limited by the environment
Vehicle Visualisation
Visualisation of target information through the vehicle terminal Vital Signs Detection Rapidly detects the presence of vital signs in the cockpit. Timely alarm to avoid accidents Protect privacy, accurate detection, small data volume

UAV Obstacle Avoidance and Ground Mimicking Flight
Small size, light weight, low power consumption, long detection distance
Data refresh rate up to 30 Hz
Measures relative height
Easily penetrates dust and water mist
Unaffected by light, excellent measurement stability
Emits reflections as surface waves to accurately measure vegetation heights
Drone hits power line test
The drone was equipped with Lingbo Weibu Technology's millimeter-wave radar for testing. The radar detected power lines at a distance of 40 meters and began to beep. After detecting high-voltage lines, the drone automatically stopped at a distance of 10 meters.
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Our company has successfully served multiple drone and robot B-side customers such as Meituan UAV, AutoNavi Infrared, Northern Tiantu, Chengdu Zongheng Automation, maintain active cooperative relations with many companies
Founded in June 2015, Linpowave Information Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech startup company specialising in millimetre wave radar research and development. Our company focuses on millimetre wave radar detection systems for automobiles, drones, robots and security.
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